Week 13: Michelle Thompkins

photo-5Is it just me or this looks friggin creepy?? The drawing looks sooooo daaarrkkk…. When you look at this picture, ¬†your mind can’t help but create a story behind it… She looks like an innocent child, locked up in a cage by an old geezer. At first, I thought the perpendicular lines were floors, but if you look closely, you can see that it’s the shadow because the lines overlap on top of the star at the top left corner.

Reminds me a little of Matilda, how she is odd one in her family. That shadow of the old man could’ve been her kidnapper or something. I read the news on asiantown– probably unreliable but oh wells. Anyways, I would always see posts of pedophiles and sexual offenders. I feel heartbroken, knowing that this happens all around the world– little children even infants are being sexually molested and raped. I feel sick of myself for my mind to automatically picture this story. I feel scarred for reading these types of news such as animal abuse too. Humans can be so cruel that it is scary to even think about. Sometimes I wish I have superpowers so that I can help make this world a better place.

Usually people like my sister would shunned themselves from these REAL tragedies because it is very difficult and scary to know how these events can actually change you. These makes you feel cynical and you know that living and feel cynical about the world isn’t how life is supposed to be. Idealists are not delusional. There ideas are possible– what makes them nearly impossible is how our system is built to prevent those ideas. By the way, even myself is afraid of becoming a real scary person and hopeless.

What keeps me through reading or watching these types of news is not because it entertains me– I want to know because I feel that it is vital and highly important to know and understand that these events exist and that something has to be done about it. I want to know because I want to support the victims of abuse. By watching and reading these events, I understand and sympathize for them– I want them to know that they are important. I want them to know that I care for them and that they aren’t alone.

I admit I also suffer from reading these types of news. I feel depressed and even traumatized. However, this is nothing compared to what these victims feel.


Week 13: Anthony Diaz


Before I start discussing about my conversation with Anthony Diaz, I wanted to start off by saying that I’ve noticed that I usually choose people that are similar to me in some way. You’d expect college to be full of extroverts but I mostly choose those people that I think are introverts like me. So, I used to think that CSULB was full of introverts, but it’s just me, staying in my comfort zone– I think that’s pretty mind-blowing to me. XD

When I took a glance at Anthony Diaz, he looked like a freshman who is lazy, unmotivated in schooling, and a person that spends most of their time gaming alone in his room. I was partially right…alittle… he USED to be a gamer, but not as much anymore. He is actually a Junior, majoring in Computer Science. He wants to change his major in music. I asked him “why?” He said that what is most important is the quality, not the quantity, so :D. What I also realize that a lot of people are majoring in what they love, rather than for money. I hope that they will be happy with their decision.

I found it realllyyyy coooolll that he works at the library in Santa Monica. His job is managing 70 computers and assisting people.He waited a whol year for the job. Actually, he got the job, but because of budget cuts, they didn’t hire him until a year later. I would like to work at the library so that’s probably why I think it is pretty cool. I heard that it is difficult to get a job there too.

Ohh! What is also cool is that he is in a band. On his free time,he would play music with his band, draw, and write music. I actually saw his drawings, but I can’t upload pictures from my phone and my phone is the only device I have that can take pictures. That is why I always ask other classmates to take and send them to me. His art looks a lot like those in galleries– he uses geometric shapes like this:

Week 12: Cheyenne Ochoa


Cheyenne Ochoa seems like a sweet, adorable person. She is a Freshman, majoring in Film. We were talking about her background because I am really into sweet, loving relationships such as her father-daughter relationship. I am happy for her that she is going for what she loves to do. She talked to me about her father a lot which made me interested in also getting to know her father a little more too.

I feel like her inspiration was inspired from her father. Her father is an artist. He is currently going around schools and creating projects that is for transportation designs. She told me one story where her father’s bag of copic markers were stolen from his car so he had to buy a whole set again– copic markers are friggin expensive!!! Seriously, from all the things you could’ve stole, copic markers?!?! For sure, I’d steal them too but that’s because I have a mere passion for colors…

We also started talking about her name because I loved the name Cheyenne. I thought it was a beautiful name from one of my favorite tv shows back in the days called “Reba.” When I actually searched up the name, it wasn’t spelled the way it sounded. Cheyenne sounds like “Shy-Anne”. Btw, it is an Native American name XD

I recommended her to meet Melanie and Christine since they look like they could’ve been really great friends since one of them is majoring in Film too. They all seem like great people, so I thought it would be nice for them to have a conversation with one another. Apparently, she already met them, so… XD I don’t know how that went.

I really love how Cheyenne and her father’s relationship, how they are soo close with one another. She told me how he would let her use his art supplies and take her to art museums. I wish my dad could be a tiny bit like that– I would’ve been more enchanted in creative activities. Cheyenne seems such a bubbly person. I like her because she isn’t too perky, too talkative, too quiet, or too much of anything. She seems kind of neutral, but a good kind of neutral– I don’t know…can’t seem to find the words to describe her…

Week 12: Teach One– How to create an effective “No Candy” sign…


This was during Halloween and me and my sister wanted to create a “No Candy” sign because my parents are too poor to spend money on candy for random people. Anyways, we came up with this face because it had a serious but funny look (haha…)… XD I guess we were aiming for a grandpa look… I am not sure if it was effective, but heyyy, our apartment didn’t get egged this time. I feel pretty proud of myself and my sister– it was her idea.

So, this is how you do it:

1. Pick an old man as a reference (someone serious…).

2. Color in the eyes (like demon eyes) to make it even more serious-looking…


3. Draw more wrinkles to make it look even older…


4. Lastly, write “No Candy!!!”

WEll, that’s how we did it… but we used my dad’s face as reference XD

Week 12: Kiyomi Fukui

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Well, at first glance, it looks very appealing to the eye because it has an antique or vintage feeling. You can see stuff that are scattered on the table and glass battles on top of the table. I couldn’t really understand that meaning behind this, but it just looks beautiful that I want to set it at the corner of my room.

This story behind this art work was kind of sad and an experience I have experienced before in my childhood. Kiyomi Fukui’s roommate’s cat attacked a bird and brought it home– still alive btw. The bird was dying. Kiyomi didn’t know what else she can do and I felt the same way when I found a baby crow. It friggin sucks to know and feel that certain emotion when you aren’t able to help or save a living thing while wanting to and feeling sympathy at the same time. Well, anyways, I stood by its side. I created a nest for the bird by collecting straw-like materials bird usually collect to build nests. I collected them and put it in a shoe box. The baby crow died. What sucks was that I see little tiny insects crawling over the baby crow while it’s still alive but I didn’t do anything about it because I was hoped that it was helping the baby crow even though I had a slight idea that nope it wasn’t helping– it was killing it. I was a kid you know…and it reminded me of a scene in Mothra when these little dots were helping Mothra– stupid wishful thinking.

Anyways, the only thing we could have done was stay by its side and be the only person to accompany the birds last few seconds of life. Even though I understood the feeling and the experience, it is extremely ironic that I can’t still understand how the art work represents this experience– do you get me? Is it suppose to show the transition between life and death? I can’t see it…

It is difficult to write a meaningful explanation of something you can’t see…

Week 11: Sara Elisa Kodesh


On Thursday, I met Sara Elisa Kodesh– interesting last name. She is half German and Guatemalan. She was born in Wisconsin but moved here in Long Beach. She is a junior at CSULB, majoring in Fashion Merchandising. At the moment, she works at a bakery (which is very interesting– how often do you meet someone who works at a bakery, not like McDonalds, you know). A cool thing about her working at the bakery is that her job is to sell wedding cakes– like in those romance movies when the wedding couple goes to try cake. Oh, and she has 1 little brother– her parents stopped :(. Her dad didn’t want any more.

We started talking about our parents for some odd reason. Her parents had a cute relationship. They didn’t know eachother for more than a year and they got married. They are still happily married and are still affectionate towards one another unlike some long lasting marriages that seemed to disintegrate. I didn’t really share my parents, I kind of shared my auntie and uncle’s love story instead– I forgot why.

Our conversation seemed kind of casual to me because our conversation wasn’t entirely based on asking each other questions. I was like congratulating her for being a junior because she was almost done with college and start her life– I want to start my life already!!! We started looking at art galleries together and discuss on some art. We didn’t really have the same ideals on art– I wouldn’t like the art piece that she liked.

I thought it was weird that she liked the drawing which was not the main object or the whole picture. She only liked the drawing because of the lamp in the background because it reminded her of mosaic– pretty weird and different. We were pretty much busy so after we chatted about the art galleries for a while, we parted ways which was funny because we went to the same direction which was the library. We kind of walked over there together– I mean, we were walking at the same pace but not talking to each other anymore.

Anyways, overall, she seems pretty nice. She is very short…VERY VERy short… I was talking to her when she was sitting down so when she stood up I was surprised….Very surprised….yup…

Week 11: Why I try NOT to judge the infamous Miley Cyrus?


I want to share my insights of Miley Cyrus– please, share your thoughts too! We all know that Miley Cyrus used to be one of the most famous teenage celebrities because of Hannah Montana. After her controversial revealing pictures, she became one of the most disliked celebrities. I will admit that even I felt disappointed. I liked her and I was disappointed that she was not the girl I thought she was. She did something very detestable and disgraceful. I simply just couldn’t understand why she would take such pictures. After this incident, no one gave her a second chance. There were no more scandals coming from her anymore ever since those moments– she kind of went silent.

Her seemed to reappear after she dated Liam Hemsworth. They dated for about 3 years as I recalled. Gosh, people even disliked her because she dated a friggin’ “hot” guy and that she didn’t “deserve” him. Seriously? Then Miley Cyrus started to change… And I feel that it is not for the fame– even if it was for the fame, it didn’t matter. She changed not for the better in society’s ideal of what is acceptable. We can’t help but shame her and dislike her because society has taught us that being provocative and being raunchy is disgraceful. Sometimes it is just in some people’s nature to be sexually explicit.

What I like about Miley Cyrus is that she acts like she doesn’t give a s***t about what people think of are. There have been celebrity nude photos being hacked such victims like Jennifer Lawrence. Who would hack Miley Cyrus? No one. Because she doesn’t care and she is constantly out there. She uses her body the way she wants to– she doesn’t let people control her body. Even though she is provocative, she is not unfaithful when she is in a serious relationship– 3 years with Liam Hemsworth.

I guess what I am saying is that I like how she got some bawls that I don’t have. It is unreasonable for people to dislike her because she is very provocative and raunchy. If no one likes her or judges her, then don’t give a shyt about her. Her fans aren’t the only ones giving her fame– it’s the haters too!!

I am not saying that she is the best person and that I am her fan and that I love her– NO. I am saying that I respect her for the way she is now, as long as she is happy. I am giving her a second chance, not for the way she was but for the way she is now. How many people who are really conservative can say they are happy with the way they are? Look at Marilyn Monroe– people love her! The only difference between Marilyn Monroe and Miley Cyrus is basically she is just Miley.