Week 1: Dawn Ertl

"Sleet" by Dawn Ertl

“Sleet” by Dawn Ertl

“I explore the connections between human relationships, systems of production and how this effects our behavior in less familiar environments– Dawn Ertl”

I didn’t get a chance to have a nice conversation with Dawn Ertl but first thing I’d asK is about her artwork because I don’t really what she was going for. I’m guessing the sole purpose of her art is to show us ordinary materials that can be found in a local store and transform the materials into something different but identifiable. Just like the art piece above, we know it’s a piece of fabric, but she has untangle it, emphasizing the bold colors that are overlapping each other. At first glance, the deliverance of the message may seem like a maze, but the solution is staring right at us– the interconnecting lines represents different surroundings or cultures, coming together. As an individual, Dawn Ertl wants us to use our identity to express what we see of that art work, as identity comes from our nature and nuture.

What I am saying above is just an assumption– my perception of her art. Since I didn’t talk to her, I am all left with questions. I want to know what influenced her– judging from her art works, she seems to be interested in culture, surroundings, and psychology. I guess I am just making inferences, but art is truly subjective.


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