Week 2: Elizabeth Sarah Banuellos


First of all– LOOK AT THOSE NATURALLY GORGEOUS EYES!?!?! Aren’t they just beautiful? Not because it is not brown, but I just have a thing for colors; it is also the reason I decided to talk to her. It was kind of weird that she told us to call her “Sarah” or any other name that fits her. The story behind that is because her mother didn’t know what to name her and decided to name her after her own name(so weird..). Her middle name Sarah is after this pretty friend of hers that is nice, so everyone else calls her Sarah. I also learned that her last name “Banuellos” is– and I quote “a tortilla-like thing that you can put sugar and eat it with ice-cream.”

Sarah was born in Torrance,California–15 minutes away from our school, and she is currently a sophmore this year. She has an older brother that is 21 years old and a younger brother that is 17. It is kind of funny how from oldest to youngest, they are descending in skin color too, from whitest to darkest.

Meaghan, the friend I met during my first week, we both talked to her. As I was listening to their conversation, although statistics says there are no correlation between “naming a child after a person with certain characteristics with the child actually receiving those characteristics”– Sarah has proved them wrong. She was very friendly based on her soft-kiddish voice and smiling and giggling the whole time. Sarah isn’t a party-person which is exactly the same as me!!! She likes to take a lot of pictures and then choose the best one– sounds like an analogy to lots of fishes in the sea(hehe..).

She was telling us about her art. She prefers drawing because it is a lot less messy. She told us a story how she tried to draw Brad Pitt, but gave up on it because she made the lips too plump. She is also open to different type of music which I like because I am also open to different types. Anyways, I bet anyone who talks to her can see that she is a nice, friendly person.


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