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Psych -- TV Show posted by Kate Brogan

Psych — TV Show posted by Kate Brogan

I either love or hate this television show sometimes. I love the idea that it is about two grown-ups, fulfilling their dreams to live their life in thrilling adventures as partners, always getting away with things due to luck. I wish that sometimes, I can live my life like that. I want to live my life the way I visually pictured in my head. I truly wish that life was that straight-forward and easy-going, but it is not at the moment.

This explains why I love animes, movies, or tv shows. I never realized that these stories don’t really happen in real life, so I always dreamt for that feeling– that feeling those two main characters so passionately feel. I want to drift, to fly, to run away for awhile. I began to hate myself for awhile for not realizing or realizing that I can’t right now. And, that I can’t be like that anime character with supernatural powers to save the day and dies naturally and happily.

So, I hate those two grown-ups who can be too childish– it gets a little annoying. Sean, the protagonist and narrator of the television show, NEVER cares about the consequences; it is only about the fun. This attribute makes him heartless, dislikable, reputable, but somehow, you end up forgetting because he’s like those genius– you know, like those cheaters who can make the girl fall in-n-out of love for him whenever he wants to take a piece of you. He is so charismatic that you forget that he can be a jerk.

In the end, I don’t love or hate the television show– I just no longer have the feel to feel anything at all about it. Sometimes, I would go on it, just to where the characters are now. So far, nothing exciting.



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