Week 3: Kickstarter

I enjoy the idea that the production they are trying to sell is an innovative idea by combining nature and technology to create a watch and necklace. What was eye-catching was the product– not the video. The video is pretty self-explanatory and in great quality; it offers everything you need to know about their kickstarter campaign. It does lack creativity, but sometimes, that’s the way to go to sell a product– just be straightforward. Also, the product makes up for it.

The material they use is wood, and they make it durable so it wouldn’t be easily damaged. I feel like the new thing is having wooden jewelry that is “organic.” Today’s generation is more appreciative of newer, fresh ideas, something more unique to stand out, and to me, I would wear that necklace.

The watch and necklace is a smart watch/necklace. It connects to your phone, and notifies you by vibrating, that you had a notification. For example, if your bestie’s favorite color is pink, you set her notifications in pink. When she messages you, your watch or necklace will start flashing pink.

A regular phone does the same by vibrating, but the great idea about this is that you don’t always have to take out your phone to check who is calling or texting you. When you are in class, you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble by the professor for checking your phone. It is more efficient and benefits both sides.

Basically, the product is efficient and fashionable. Who wouldn’t want that? It is UNIQUE and COOL.

This is my Kickstarter video; it isn’t real. I would ask for $50 just to buy some sketching materials so I can improve on my drawings skills, because someday, I would like to create my own manga/anime, instead of hiring someone else to draw for me. I know it isn’t related to my major, but it is connected. My major will help me fulfill the dreams of my parents and myself.


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