Week 3: Melanie Naomi Colli



Melanie is Mexican!!! “Colli” is actually an Italian name, so…I don’t know what happened right there; she doesn’t know too. She is currently a undeclared Junior. She was born in Cerritos, California. Her previous major was Biology, but she had her doubts as she continues to enjoy Film Electronics & Screening (so cool, I want to make an anime someday).

Melanie has a similar personality and ideals like me, which I love because that means we could get along better. She is not outgoing, a little reserved– just like me :); she is an introvert. She has an older brother who majored in Engineering, but actually finished college with a Bachelors in Japanese Translation, which is pretty awesome!

I want to discuss what we talked about. I found Melanie with Christine Trinh; she will be in my Week 4. We thought it was more comfortable to have a conversation, figuring out how we think, then asking about personal information.

I mentioned before that we had similar ideals– we talked about controversial topics, such as abortion. We also talked about food and anime. When we were talking about abortion, I realized we had the same reasoning, and we have the same feelings for some people with different ideals. It was an interesting conversation; For the first time, I think I would be keeping in touch with her. An important conversation we had was about religion.

So, we were talking about how we feel about religion and what is the problem about religion. She believed that the issue with religion was that people who are extremely religious becomes radicals, and violent, in order to change others beliefs– which I also believe is true. We aren’t totally the same, but it felt VERY comfortable to explain and express my feelings about topics, because they were able to accept what I had to say, and comment back. It was like a friendly, yet professional conversation.

Although I didn’t learn much about her background such as her favorite color, I felt that it was a lot more better to share our ideals to get to know how we were as a person. The conversation between Melanie, Christine, and me, was the most comfortable conversation I’ve had for months. I haven’t been able to connect to others that way. And, I feel like they actually like me, hehe. 🙂



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