Week 3: Tricia E. Rangel

“A New Foundation” by Tricia E. Rangel

What I found Tricia’s art “A New Foundation” interesting was that it looks like a representation of our city buildings. At the same time, it appears to look like a structural maze, depending on how you interpret it at different angles. I also love the materials she used, because I feel like there is a deep significance behind that– and there is!

Tricia used the dirt she collected from “orchards, the road, her grandfather’s ranch, parent’s back yard, and the Smith Mountain cemetery.” She collected dirt from seemingly insignificant areas to highly significant area to create a new foundation– to create something that looks historically beautiful.

It resembles the ancient ruins of civilization architecture. She didn’t explain why she used certain areas, but I would guess that it seems that she was going for…what’s it called…erm– like reincarnation. I am going to try to explain my reasoning in a comprehensible way. Orchards symbolizes beauty, yet vulnerability; Her art appears to look durable, but it is made out of dirt that can be easily washed away, just like human beauty. Her grandfather’s ranch and her parent’s back yard– as if she going through memories from the old generations to the newer. In the end, she collected dirt from the cemetery, meaning death.

It feel so…structural? Which is intended in her buildings. To me, the message seems like our life that we use to create, in the end, dies, and becomes another life form to create something new. Throughout human history, our ancestors used their innovative ideas to develop technology– the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial, to the modern times, it is all thanks to the posterity of this “reincarnation.”

Do you think so? Tell me, what do you think?


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