Week 4: Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley


What do you guys see, when you are staring at this mysterious-looking thing? Truly a beautiful piece of art work– actually one of the best looking artwork I have seen so far. It is beautiful to look at because of the way it is structured and its COLORFUL! It also looks like stone rocks or gems. I have no clue how the artist, Maccabee Shelley, can create such a wondrous thing like this. I am more intrigued by the shape and structure. It doesn’t look like it has an actual shape, looks kind of irregular, but nonetheless, it looks organized in some way–don’t you think so?

To me, I think it looks like something carved out of somewhere deep in the caves in Earth. You know…those rocks that looks meaningless in the outside, but when you crack it like an egg in half, there’s actually colorful stones inside that shines stunningly. That is how I feel the artist was trying to portray. This art work may seem magical and surreal, but it resembles things that nature actually created. Some people nowadays for example, watches a fantastical anime, like those magical places like an enchanted forest. They have a desire to live and be like an anime character and to experience those beautiful environments, but in real life, since we take it for granted, we cannot see the beauty behind the things we see constantly. Like this art work, in earth, there are very similar places that reflects this art work. We just gotta dig to find out.


Maccabee Shelley used glass to formulate this art work. He found the glass fascinating to look at, and yet, considers the danger glass can cause. He collected ordinary glass from the recycling center to create something in-ordinary to the human eye. It sounds complicated, and takes a lot of time to create this pieces. Maccabee Shelley would use mold to create the structures he wanted, then he would melt the glass around the mold. I cannot recall the name of the paint, but he would use some kind of paint to add colors to the glass.

Usually I would have a caption with the picture, and always include the names of specific artworks. However, Shelley purposely did not name any of his art works. He felt that it was not necessary to put a label on his art work and that it would be best that way so that viewers can come up with their own ideas about the work. He fully acknowledges that everyone has different opinions, and comprehends that part of creative thinking is that when people brainstorm, you must not create a border or judge what they think. Giving a name to an artwork gives a hint to the viewer, so the viewer could only focus around that name. I totally understand his viewpoints, and I question whether or not I would also do that to my own artworks. I don’t know…

Well, what do you guys think? Oh wells, it is just beautiful to look at. 😀


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