Week 4: Christina Trinh


Last week, I was talking about Melanie–this time, it is about Christina!~ At first, I thought Christina was like those “white-mexicans” but turns out she is vietnamese. I was pretty dumbfounded because I usually can tell who is asian. Anyways, I told her and we both laughed about it. Christina is pretty much the same like Melanie, which isn’t suprising since I found them as a wonderful pair together.

This week, I was with Christina, Melanie, and Jennie. Jennie isn’t from our class, but she just wanted to join us which was pretty fun. We all three had a chance to actually have a nice conversation together. Our conversation was basically getting to know each other’s thoughts and ideals again, because they didn’t know who was Jennie, even I didn’t know much about her and she followed me to my art 110 class.

Before I get off-tracked, let’s focus on Christina Trinh. Christina lives in Ocean View, California. Surprisingly to me, her major is in Accounting. She just loves math–math is like her life. She has one sister and two brothers that are all older than her. Her sister is currently in college, whereas one of her brother is in the navy and the other is also in college. I told her that my Auntie who is in accounting, says that her job is very boring. She actually is like those typical archetypes in movies where people are so bored at work, and has nothing to do so they sharpened pencils, and lined them up in order. Christina just laughs at it–not gonna change her mind at all.

What did we talk about…One topic I liked was that Christina, Melanie, and Jennie, all had the same thoughts of Miley Cyrus. I had different thoughts and shared it to them. I don’t think I can persuade them to consider it in a different point view, but I used to think like them. I used to judge Miley Cyrus for being provocative, and just let herself out there…anywhere…anyday…Anyways, I will probably make a blog about it.

People usually say opposite attracts, but Melanie and Christina are not opposites. I haven’t found someone who is completely or nearly opposite that I dislike. Melanie and Christina are so weird, but in a good way. I don’t know…I usually find everyone weird…Anyways, they are very similar to the things they like and the way they are as a person. They easily accept each other. I wish I can be like that to other people, but I cannot somehow. I feel that it will be nice to be friends with them.


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