Week 4: Plaster Casting

my sister's hand...

my sister’s hand…

I went to Newport Beach Pier to Plaster Cast with my mom, two sisters, and my little brother. I was not very interested in going out to the beach with a feeling of being forced to engage myself in a activity– I am not very fond of the beach. I know I was not going to enjoy Plaster Casting at the beach, but I realized something. Although I didn’t enjoy Plaster Casting because I am lame like that, but I loved the expressions of my siblings faces. They thought it was pretty cool and they were excited at how it came out.

I didn’t participate because I was the one who was adding the wet sand and pouring the mixture in, and there wasn’t enough plaster. I know plaster casting was just an excuse to go to the beach, and my little brother had the most fun out of it. I kind of felt bad for him because I told him to make one, but he refused because he didn’t think it was cool. After he saw my two sister’s Plaster Cast, he was so excited– he wanted to make one too. But, it was too late. He didn’t listen to me >;P.

My mom was frustrated– haha.. I forgot to tell her that it would be difficult to wash off the plaster, so she brought her nice, clean bucket. My mom was just taking pictures, but her phone died so… It was nice because I was having a conversation with her while my siblings were playing. I guess you can say I am not much like a kid– going to the beach and running around makes me feel drained. When I got home, I literally knocked out for 4 hours and I didn’t even play!!!

Overall, I loved how my siblings were enjoying themselves at the beach. They didn’t want to go home. We all thought the plaster came out really nice. Seriously, you can see my sister’s nail and my other sister’s toe nail– looks so detailed. I thought it was going to be a big blob, but it came out beautifully. I think they are going to put these on their shelves. I thought it was cool how my sister’s hand looks like a glove– if you look at her thumb, you can see her pointy nail she carved. My sister Daisy’s foot, you can see her toe nail too. I was more fascinated by that.

Would I ever plaster cast, ever again? Yes, in the near future when my kid is older or when my little brother Jet wants to make one since he refused that chance. Plus, my other brother didn’t come along and I think he would have enjoyed making these stuff because he is such a fun kid. In the end, was it all worth it? I guess it was because I learned something new– one, what was more important was my siblings happiness and enjoyment and two, now I know how to plaster cast. 😀

Gina's foot!

Gina’s foot!

Daisy's foot~!

Daisy’s foot~!


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