Week 6: Amber Daniela Reyes


Amber is a 19 year old Sophmore. She is majoring in Psychology and working at two part-time jobs at Costco and HD Supply(similar to home depot). She doesn’t have a lot of free time to have fun and I admire people that are like that. She has two younger brothers, one is 18 years old attending UC Berkeley (he’s the smart one in the family), and another at age 10. She lives 10 minutes away from CSULB.

I asked her why she is majoring in Psychology and she said she likes the classes because they were interesting. Her parents wants her to become something more, but she wanted to be happy in the future in what she is doing. She told me that she wants to be somewhere in Child Development or a School Psychologist for elementary kids. She doesn’t want to deal with middle schoolers because nowadays, they are kind of “crazy.” She likes how elementary kids are so open and they are so innocent.

I felt that me and Amber had a long conversation, even though it was short. A lot of personal stuff came up when we were discussing. Amber was telling me about her old neighborhood, and how her parents saved money to move to a better neighborhood– this reminds me of my parents and my current neighborhood. They all work so hard and I am glad that they aren’t taking advantage like most people these days.

We both decided to go check out artworks, and came upon the immigration artwork. We started to discuss about that because I wanted to know about her opinion. We both had the same opinion and she changed her art topic to the immigration. We were both anti-immigration. We both thought that it was not wrong for illegal immigrants to come here to the United States. Everyone should have the freedom to go live where ever they want. She seemed so quiet. I had to come up and start the conversation, and I asked her how she usually starts a conversation. I thought it was pretty interesting how she starts it because she said that she would walk up to an artwork and start discussing about art with the person. I usually would do that too, but I want to know the basic information too.

Her appearance is really deceiving because she the way she is dressed and the way she is– she just glows. She seems like an out-going person, but she isn’t really…I feel that we are similar in lifestyle in the beginning, but it drifts apart by the different routes we take– it is hard to explain. Anyways, after we were done talking about immigration, we separated.


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