Week 6: Artist Interview – Juan Martin “Labyrinth”


I thought there artwork was very interesting in how it is done, and it looks very detailed and complicated– I guess that is why it is called “Labyrinth”. I chose this one piece because it looked so sad and depressing– I don’t know I tend to fall for these kinds of things. I love things that looks magical and surreal– maybe that is why I tend to love anime because they can do things you can’t in the real world. I just want to escape into that fantasy world.

I was overhearing my classmates talk to one of the artist named Juan Martin. One of the questions were about what they were aiming for the viewers to feel or see. He simply just wants us to feel its magic and whatever we thought it meant. It seemed pretty straightforward to me. Whenever I looked at art, I wonder if what I am perceiving is the art itself that emitts the feeling of a surreal world, or is it how I want to perceive it because of how I dream that a world like that can exist– maybe it is both, I don’t really know. Maybe, it really doesn’t matter which is which because I would see it the same way anyways.

Another question that was asked that actually relates to this artwork was the material they used. His response was that they tried to use whatever they can to make it look as real as possible– like as similar to snow as possible. I couldn’t have done better, so what they used and did was amazing. I would have liked the art better if the human being looked more realistic– that would be cool and creepy at the same time like someone that was lost and froze to death. It is not creepy at all I guess since scientists preserve the body of a young girl that was frozen thousands of years ago.

What makes this piece so sad and depressing is that when you think of snow, you think of the cold feeling of being alone. I have been lonesome at times in my life and sometimes it can be emotionally draining to the point where you feel like laying down and watching the world goes by. Looks like a blanket covering his body and weighing him down. Perhaps, he is in a deep sleep because it isn’t time to wake up yet.


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