Week 6: Drawing “Selfie”


Selfie Tiburon (1)

This looks so horrible!!! BUT IT IS SOO FUNNNYY!!! lol. I wished I could have draw it on paper, it would have come out a lot better. I installed “SketchExpress” I believe and it wouldn’t allowed colors. I used my tablet/laptop, so I couldn’t find “FrenchGirls” app in my PlayStore. Anyways, I was trying to find the right selfie and came across this adorable baby. I thought it was funny, and I tried to shade it in with this airbrush– it came out friggin weird.

This was my first time drawing on my tablet and it was difficult because I was using my fingers. It looks so bad, but oh wells, at least I know I can do better on paper– traditional drawing not digital!! I was so psyched about finally drawing and my first drawing came out horrible. Mr. Zucman, please do not ever post this up!! Well how do you guys think about this selfie picture?

Nonetheless, I thought this activity was fun because I was able to draw. I had some difficulties drawing because my stylus pen my mom recently bought for me didn’t match my tablet. I was trying to figure out how to use this ridiculous app that doesn’t have colors!! what kind of app doesn’t have colors!! Colors are my thing!! Without the colors, the drawing looks plain and sad, look how the bright yellow shines and depicts the happiness showing from the baby.

I was looking through tons of selfie pictures and found a lot of celebrities– totally not interested in drawing celebrities. I happened to come across a baby posing in duck-lips, so I decided to look at baby selfies since it was adorable and reminds me of my baby. I wanted to draw my baby but it had to be a selfie, so I decided to play with these baby selfies.I hope I would do better in the next activity, even though I can’t paint with colors, because I don’t know colors.


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