Week 7: Artist of the Week – Colette Brown “Bellies”


So the first I thought was, “what is this?” I decided to just read the whole paper and it was about a frog that has been completely drained of life, lying on the ground, still fully intact and mummified. I thought that was depressing…. Now looking back at this art, it just looks a lot darker…. I still didn’t understand what was going on with this art work and the long page paragraph explaining the art, so I had a little chat with the artist, Colette Brown.

The first thing I asked her was the name of this art because I didn’t see a name. She is such a cute, funny person– she seems so innocent which makes her art even MORE bizarre. She called them “Bellies” which kind of scared me because the first thought that came up in my head was “those balls are bellies?!?!” Anyways, I made her explain her work– I am going to explain it in my own words. So, basically, everything is like the digestive system (bellies…) there are many parts in the digestive system that goes through a process to digest the food. This frog that she saw just died– nothing bothered it eat it. The frog’s death did not serve as any function, because it just died from dehydration and is still fully intact. Hmm… I guess it does contradict itself… I guess I still do not understand it…

I think it was nice how Collete told me the story of her boyfriend’s pet Beagle. I believe it was a Beagle…. Anyways, she grew a relationship with this pet, and they would feed it. One day, she fed the Beagle an organic strawberry, and the Beagle freaked out– it was acting very weird like just freaking out. She felt so scared because she was watching the “process of death” especially when she has develop a close relationship with the Beagle. I would freak out and shit my pants too if that happened to me…. Who would want to witness the death of a love one– especially being the one that caused it? Anyways, I thanked her for sharing the story.

I do not fully understand her artwork, but I know it definitely portrays what she was going for if it makes sense…. A lot of people was complaining how it smells– I didn’t smell anything so I can’t relate. I believe that these work was suppose to represent  “decay” like when we die our body rottens– I don’t know. I have sooo many questions like why are the sculptures round? Why isn’t there any other shape and form? Why isn’t there any color? Looking at the picture, I can go back and think of the frog just being mummified….


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