Week 7: Kiana Dawn Lightbourn!


Kiana Dawn Lightbourn– what a beautiful name. Kiana is born in the Bahamas (sounds like a cool getaway) but moved to Long Beach when she was 2 years old. She majored in Marine Biology; she specifically wanted to learn about seabirds because they are cute, furthermore she loves the ocean and birds so it seemed like a perfect combination. I asked her why she wanted to major in Marine Biology and her response was that she wanted to be happy– just like most people nowadays. Plus, her major can pay well enough to get by, and people really do not need much, do they?

The thought of how very similar Kiana is to my sister Gina is VERY  creepy!!!~ They both feel like they do not have an obligation to fully take care of their parents– I think that is harsh because without our parents, how will we survive without them? They both have a passion for band, and they both love the same television shows!!! Both of them watches Supernatural and Once Upon a Time!!! This moment of encountering this similarity SURPRISES me– it has never happened before to me.

Kiana was talking to me about a book she read and it was like her favorite book. She loves reading– SO DOES MY SISTER!!! Anyways, I was thinking of forcing my sister to read the same book to see if she is interested in it like Kiana. The book is called the “Phantom Toll Booth” by Norton Juster. When she was describing how it was so awesome, she seemed sooo into it. She looked happy to talk about it– the best thing about conversations is sharing something that interests both people and makes them feel content even though they do not know the person. Kiana loves the books because it contains a lot of puns and it is an adventure book, just like Supernatural and Once upon a time– two brothers on a journey to save the world from evil, and a bunch of fictional characters from a story, finding their way back.

She was telling me this story that made me feel SOOOO SAAAADDD!!!! I WAS SOO SADD!!! She has four dogs, four cats, and one pond. There was a little turtle in the backyard and sometimes racoons would come over to feast on the turtles, and in order to prevent that, they would hide the little turtle in their house. A few days passed and they haven’t see the racoon, so they thought it was fine to let the little turtle go on the pond, BUT!!!! when they found the turtle, THREE OF HIS LEGS WERE GONE!!!!! I WAS SOOO DEVASTATED!!! SOOO SAADD!!!! I feel soo sad for the turtle… ;( — what a cruel world.

Anyways, this is Kiana hehehe. We talked about these kinds of stuff, sharing stories. I wonder if she and me would talk again….perhaps…..ONLY TIME WILL KNOW~~~~~


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