Week 7: Painting – “Waterfall”


I used two different colors– the colors I used was gold and ocean blue~ I painted on a cardboard box because I couldn’t find anything big enough to spray paint on and plus my mom would get mad at me. I painted the whole box gold, then I put a lot of ocean blue on the top. I wanted to make a waterfall. I tilt the box on the grass, so the paint would flow down the box, creating a waterfall look, that means I had to put tons of coding on top– I would mix the ocean blue and gold then the colors will just do its thing. The end result would look like this:


So this part is the top part, you can’t see it very well but its suppose to be water over-flowing– I hope I depict it correctly… It came out better than I expected. I didn’t want to just write my name– I don’t even want to see my name lol. I wanted to draw something but the cardboard box was too small and the spray paint size was too big and wide, so I wouldn’t have a nice control. I actually wanted to make this design:


I couldn’t do the flakes!!! IT WAS TOOO HARD because the flakes is so angular whereas the spray paint can’t make angular shapes? I was doing this activity with my little cousin Angelika and she was having fun. I had fun too, I thought I wasn’t because I don’t know and never had use spray paint and the new experience was actually fun. Next time if I ever spray paint again, I will need to wear a mask. The smell was so strong, I felt sick afterwards– I don’t know how street artists can spray paint without wearing a mask. My attempt with my spray paint was to create something magical and surreal– I love living in a life of fantasy, whenever I get the chance to. This new idea that I was experimenting by adding a bunch of coats and tilting the canvas to create a leaking effect could be used with my watercolor paint. This can improve my painting skills, even though I haven’t paint yet.

It is fun to experiment with new things that won’t harm you. About this activity….I was THANKFUL that it didn’t have to be my name. I think this is way better than spray painting a couple of letters, don’t cha think so?


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