Week 8: Destiny Zuniga


Destiny Zuniga is a third year, majoring in Healthcare Administration. She wanted to go to Med school, but she wants some background information in the medical field first. I asked her why she wanted to major in Healthcare, because people have their own different reasons. She said it is because she always wanted to something in the healthcare field– that’s pretty much it. Destiny was born in El Monte, California– kind of near where I live. She commutes to CSULB, just like me.

I wonder if she has any free time– just wanna know if we relate. She barely has enough free time, but she said she’s been going out nowadays. She also works at Little Caesars– funny, I was just going to apply there; I need a job!!! I noticed Destiny was wearing a short crop top, and I saw a tattoo of a dandelion on her left hip. She has three tattoos, but she is looking forward to get PLENTY of more. She has a dreamcatcher on her back and a small green heart on her wrist. Was getting tattoo painful? According to her, nope, except the dreamcatcher.

I asked her why she got the dandelion tattoo, and she said it represented her. The dandelion meant youth and free-spirited, which was weird to me. In literal terms, a dandelion is a weed. It drains the nutrients from anything surrounding it, I feel like it is kind of contradicting ideas– I don’t know…Don’t chu think so? I mentioned it to her, and she was like yeah…hahaha.

I look at her, and I feel a little envious that she has time to work out. I want to work out– I want to be fit again!! lol. It’s been 8 months and I still have the saggy pouch from post-partum. Destiny reminds me of one of my acquaintances named Dody. They are so similar… It makes me reminisce high school sometimes….


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