Week 8: Helen Werner Cox


I like this sketch. There is so much detail and you can tell this took a lot of dedication, effort, and time. I love to sketch, but I don’t have the patience to finish a sketch. Helen Werner Cox said she felt proud of her work. The type of shading she uses was cross-hatching, rather than smudging the granite. She asked the model in the image to pose as she sketches her. Helen’s other’s sketches were from images rather than in person. Helen finds it more meaningful and more gratifying to do it in person as the outcome of her printmaking is much more better.

I wonder what other people thought of this particular printmaking she did. I especially wonder what men thought of this. For some odd reason, even though the model defies contemporary ideal of “beautiful,” I thought this model looked very gorgeous. Although she isn’t like those super fit or skinny models, her body form looks perfectly carved to me. She just looks “real” to me– get me? I really love the detail in Helen’s printmaking. I am so lazy and impatient to take time to complete such an aspiring artwork, just looking at her printmaking pieces makes makes me feel inspired to complete one.

When I was younger, I was so puzzled why artists would draw people naked. I couldn’t understand the point of the nakedness. I used to think it was an excuse for perverts to look at naked body parts– I especially didn’t understand why these people would want to be naked in front of artists. For some odd reason, I feel like these models feel empowered when they do this. This benefits the artists and the model. The artist gets to learn how to draw and understand the anatomy of the human body better, and the artist, being naked, feels empowered and self-confident of his/her natural body. I kind of feel a sense of weirdness that I find this model and this image beautiful.

Overall, I just love how even though the model defies modern society’s concept of “beauty,” this image was able to aspire me and hopefully others to know that this model IS beautiful. It is wierd, but I would love to have interviewed the model. I want to know what the artist and the model felt about this, so I can get both perspectives.


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