Week 9: Matthew Hayashida


What I love about this drawing is that it looks fun and simple. It isn’t so complex and there isn’t so much to say, yet you can say a lot of things about this drawing. Hayashida named this drawing “Heart of God”. An assumption I can come up about this drawing is that he was trying to portray what God’s heart should be like. He drew a mixture of things that I can’t even make up. I can see the wings though. Before I discuss that, I like to note how the guy is holding a box that opens to like a balloon hard– reminds me of a toy box. It is like opening a box of toys to see what is truly in the inside.

These mashed up mixture of things represents being open to new ideas. If you look at these things, there are a lot of things that do not relate with one another– they are all just disparate objects. No matter how different we all are, having a heart of god means to be pure and open up to all different things. The man is holding a heart– the heart does not appear big. The heart opens up like a box to a huge heart of numerous, disparate things. This is like volume versus surface area.

The idea of volume versus surface area is like our brain. Back then when we were more ape-like, our brain was much smaller, over time as we evolve, we learn new things so our brains becomes larger to hold all of those information. However, when our brain was nearly developed to contemporary brain size, scientists notice how the brain was getting smaller. We were learning much more, so why is that our brain is decreasing in size? It is because our brain is increasing in surface area, to make more space to hold up the information, rather than increasing in volume. The heart is like that.

The heart is small, but in the inside, it is like our brain. It holds up a lot of information and is still learning. God’s heart is like that. It opens up to learn new things. Like we should open up and learn to open up to new ideas like homosexuality.


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