Week 9: Savannah Cheung


Savannah Cheung is half chinese and thai. She is a Freshman and is currently undeclared. She says that she felt like there are many possibilities that she hasn’t known yet to decide on her major. However, she is interested in design. She was born in Rosemead, California. I thought I was having a hard time commuting to school because it takes me like 1 hour with traffic, but it takes her like 2 hours. But she dorms, so it doesn’t count XD.

On her free time, she goes out with friends and sometimes also with her family. I was curious what she does when she “goes out” because I sterotype the definition of “going out” as watching movies and shopping at the mall. I thought it was very cool that she plays laser tag with her friends because I have been wanting to try that out. When I was talking to her, she seemed like the quiet type, so I asked her if she’s the quiet type and she IMMEDIATELY says no– so I guess it is just to me Lol.

Savannah doesn’t have specific hobbies. She just does whatever and whenever she is in the mood. She seems so calm and she just goes with the flow. Oh, by the way, she has two brothers, one is younger and the other is older. I do not know how I feel about her… I don’t know… The concept of her seems pretty cool but maybe in context, she seems…I don’t know…I can’t really put a finger on it… She just really doesn’t care about stuff that I think she should care about…

I was curious what language she speaks since she is part chinese and part thai. However, she mainly speaks a little of “Jujao” which is a small country, part of China. She says she is more Chinese than Thai. I was curious because I have a little of chinese descent in me– I think…

There isn’t much to say about Savannah Cheung or get to know her…The thing is that when both people seems disinterested in one another…There’s not much motivation to want to get to talk or know eachother… Although I do not enjoy meeting new people everyday, I do not rush or try to run away asap. She kept looking down, then look at me, then look around– I felt that that was rude. I make snap judgements and I am not ashamed to say that because it is true. WEll!!! this is all I am going to say about this conversation!!!


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