Week 9: VBlog- “About Me”

I know this is a very short video. I do not feel comfortable looking in the camera and knowing that other people are watching this video. I feel more comfortable typing about it…So here it goes:

I am Chelien Nouchee Kue– pronounced like Chiii-Lynn New-Chiii Koo. I am majoring in Pre-Nursing for the sake of everyone I love. I am doing it for my parents, for my children, especially for me. I want to be a nurse to be financially secure, but I also love to help the people by actively doing something for them– so it’s a win win. What I want to dedicate my whole life to is focus on learning to create useful things. I want to learn how to make shoes, how to make clothes, and how to draw and paint. I would love to be a housewife and live doing my hobbies and taking care of my family– that is the dream. Even if I cannot achieve it, I will not feel any source of regret. Because, for sure, I will have the things I desire most– that is, a family to love and be loved. I know it may sound cheesy, but who cares about cheesiness when it is sincere and genuine.

Someday, I would really love to learn how to watercolor paint like this:

This watercolor painting is done by Agnes Cecile. I love some of her paintings because they are colorful and beautiful and meaningful. I believe every painting has a story– just like this one. This just looks so sad. I can create a lot of stories behind this painting– it is truly beautiful and sad.

contact info: chelienk@yahoo.com


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