Week 10: Landscaping with a Corpse


I do not want to depart in my sleep. Aren’t you afraid of oblivion? I am. I want to be aware that I am dying, so that I have some time to reflect back on my happy memories. I want to have a few seconds to think about those who will still live. I need some time to think. Dying in your sleep is not the best way or peaceful way to die.

I want to be covered. I always feel so cold. I do not want them to see my dead body. I want them to find out for themselves that I have died– not sleeping. I want to lay facing the down. I feel too ashamed to show myself. ,

The picture is taken place in my room. I love that blanket– everything else in the room can go too. Everything else doesn’t even belong to me. You know when there are moments you need to escape? Sleeping is a good way to escape because no one will bother you. You do not have to worry about anything. When you wake up, you feel like you’ve had amnesia because you forgot what happened last night.

I guess it is ironic, but I still feel like dying in your sleep is the most coward way and less peaceful way to die. Life is too precious to let go. I am going to hold onto mine tightly– gonna fight for every second I’ve got.


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