Week 10: Matthew Savedra


Matthew Savedra is from Lakewood, California. I chose to talk to him since he was alone, and because I haven’t had a conversation with a male yet. Anyways, it was kind of awkward talking to him because I couldn’t come up with anything to talk about– I was like brain dead. He has 2 brothers, one is older and the other is younger.

One of his friends came along and we started talking about food for some odd reason. Matthew and me haven’t tried macaroons, and his friend ( I don’t know and didn’t ask for her name) brought macaroons. She was rude because she didn’t offer one to me >:(… Anyways, well he got to try one and it was “alright.” They do not look very appealing to me anyways. They look like regular, ordinary bread but with food coloring. My cousins have been all psyched out about it, saying it was SOOOO GOOOODD. Matthew tried the chocolate one I believe.

I asked him about his sexual orientation, just because I felt that he was homosexual. Whenever I ask anyone about their sexual orientation, they seem to get offended– there is nothing wrong with you, I am just curious. Anyways, he gave me the “stare” and was like “whhaaattttt????” Usually, people ask “Does it matter?” Yes, yes it does to me. It fulfills my curiosity, so I don’t always have to wonder if you are straight or gay. I am not homophobic. People always get butthurt– I mean, if you are homosexual then be proud of it. In the end, he doesn’t tell me. Maybe because we aren’t close so he feels that his sexual orientation is “sacred” and must only be shared to special people.

What I thought was interesting during the conversation and what shocked me was that while we were having some seconds gap between conversation because we couldn’t figure out what to talk about, he was flipping through pages in his notebook. I thought he wrote some questions down to ask, but he actually kept the recordings of all of the people he has had a conversation with. I don’t even do that. I write it then throw it away in the trash can. I took a quick glimpse and it was neat too.


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