Week 10: Yee Li, Maggie Freed, and Sophia Dao–Trepidation


Yee Li, Maggie Freed, and Sophia Dao created this astonishing piece. They were trying to portray “trepidation” meaning “a feeling of fear or agitation that something may happen.” This art work automatically caught my eye, maybe because of the contrast between bright pink and dark black and maybe its because it was one of the only image that was one color. The rest of the images were usually multiple colors.

I feel that the deep contrast of bright pink and dark black fits a perfect depiction of “trepidation” because when you feel fear or agitated of the future, you don’t know what will happen. Since you do not know the outcome of the future, you feel you can sense something dark, but perhaps it might not be at all. This feeling is just an emotion created from our imagination or for better words– maybe our intuition. Intuitions as in our innate, animal sense, just like how a deer can feel danger coming, but sometimes it isn’t harmful at all. These conflicting and complex negative emotions or feelings are represented in the contrast colors.

Look at the bottom right, you can see something that appears to look like blood red– a draining, pouring down of blood. In the moment of trepidation, I bet you have felt it before– you feel freakin’ dreadful, almost petrified. I do not know why Yee Li, an Asian American would decide to depict the state of trepidation. I also want to know why geometric shapes? There is nothing wrong with using geometric shapes– I mean, it looks beautiful. In her other works, I like how some shapes overlap each other and some that overlaps another has some transparency, so you can see all the other shapes behind it– almost like revealing the ugly truth.


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