Week 11: Romina del Castillo


Look– another naked woman!! Even though her figure doesn’t fit the “ideal” image of a beautiful body, I feel like all drawings of naked people looks kind of beautiful…kind of… Well, I guess natural beauty is the best policy. I really like Romina del Castillo’s work because you can tell she puts a lot of effort into her art work.


This is another example exhibiting the highly detailed work of her art. What I love about her work or these kind of pencil drawings is that it makes me admire them for how much time and effort they emitted on these art– espescially when I look at these work, I REALLY REALLY want to create a finished peice, but I can’t help but not feel devoted. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Whenever I begin on drawing something, another cool idea pops up in my head then I keep moving on to different kind of drawings.

What I don’t understand about Romina del Castillo’s goal is that why these women. I saw two of her drawings of the same woman, is there anything special behind that? I don’t know– it sure makes you wonder, ya know? Anyways, Castillo is like nowadays artists where they say their art could have multiple meanings and it is up to the viewer, but the thing is that an artist creates something to depict their message. What is their message– not what I think the message is?


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