Week 11: Romina del Castillo


Look– another naked woman!! Even though her figure doesn’t fit the “ideal” image of a beautiful body, I feel like all drawings of naked people looks kind of beautiful…kind of… Well, I guess natural beauty is the best policy. I really like Romina del Castillo’s work because you can tell she puts a lot of effort into her art work.


This is another example exhibiting the highly detailed work of her art. What I love about her work or these kind of pencil drawings is that it makes me admire them for how much time and effort they emitted on these art– espescially when I look at these work, I REALLY REALLY want to create a finished peice, but I can’t help but not feel devoted. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Whenever I begin on drawing something, another cool idea pops up in my head then I keep moving on to different kind of drawings.

What I don’t understand about Romina del Castillo’s goal is that why these women. I saw two of her drawings of the same woman, is there anything special behind that? I don’t know– it sure makes you wonder, ya know? Anyways, Castillo is like nowadays artists where they say their art could have multiple meanings and it is up to the viewer, but the thing is that an artist creates something to depict their message. What is their message– not what I think the message is?


Week 10: Matthew Savedra


Matthew Savedra is from Lakewood, California. I chose to talk to him since he was alone, and because I haven’t had a conversation with a male yet. Anyways, it was kind of awkward talking to him because I couldn’t come up with anything to talk about– I was like brain dead. He has 2 brothers, one is older and the other is younger.

One of his friends came along and we started talking about food for some odd reason. Matthew and me haven’t tried macaroons, and his friend ( I don’t know and didn’t ask for her name) brought macaroons. She was rude because she didn’t offer one to me >:(… Anyways, well he got to try one and it was “alright.” They do not look very appealing to me anyways. They look like regular, ordinary bread but with food coloring. My cousins have been all psyched out about it, saying it was SOOOO GOOOODD. Matthew tried the chocolate one I believe.

I asked him about his sexual orientation, just because I felt that he was homosexual. Whenever I ask anyone about their sexual orientation, they seem to get offended– there is nothing wrong with you, I am just curious. Anyways, he gave me the “stare” and was like “whhaaattttt????” Usually, people ask “Does it matter?” Yes, yes it does to me. It fulfills my curiosity, so I don’t always have to wonder if you are straight or gay. I am not homophobic. People always get butthurt– I mean, if you are homosexual then be proud of it. In the end, he doesn’t tell me. Maybe because we aren’t close so he feels that his sexual orientation is “sacred” and must only be shared to special people.

What I thought was interesting during the conversation and what shocked me was that while we were having some seconds gap between conversation because we couldn’t figure out what to talk about, he was flipping through pages in his notebook. I thought he wrote some questions down to ask, but he actually kept the recordings of all of the people he has had a conversation with. I don’t even do that. I write it then throw it away in the trash can. I took a quick glimpse and it was neat too.

Week 10: Yee Li, Maggie Freed, and Sophia Dao–Trepidation


Yee Li, Maggie Freed, and Sophia Dao created this astonishing piece. They were trying to portray “trepidation” meaning “a feeling of fear or agitation that something may happen.” This art work automatically caught my eye, maybe because of the contrast between bright pink and dark black and maybe its because it was one of the only image that was one color. The rest of the images were usually multiple colors.

I feel that the deep contrast of bright pink and dark black fits a perfect depiction of “trepidation” because when you feel fear or agitated of the future, you don’t know what will happen. Since you do not know the outcome of the future, you feel you can sense something dark, but perhaps it might not be at all. This feeling is just an emotion created from our imagination or for better words– maybe our intuition. Intuitions as in our innate, animal sense, just like how a deer can feel danger coming, but sometimes it isn’t harmful at all. These conflicting and complex negative emotions or feelings are represented in the contrast colors.

Look at the bottom right, you can see something that appears to look like blood red– a draining, pouring down of blood. In the moment of trepidation, I bet you have felt it before– you feel freakin’ dreadful, almost petrified. I do not know why Yee Li, an Asian American would decide to depict the state of trepidation. I also want to know why geometric shapes? There is nothing wrong with using geometric shapes– I mean, it looks beautiful. In her other works, I like how some shapes overlap each other and some that overlaps another has some transparency, so you can see all the other shapes behind it– almost like revealing the ugly truth.

Week 10: Landscaping with a Corpse


I do not want to depart in my sleep. Aren’t you afraid of oblivion? I am. I want to be aware that I am dying, so that I have some time to reflect back on my happy memories. I want to have a few seconds to think about those who will still live. I need some time to think. Dying in your sleep is not the best way or peaceful way to die.

I want to be covered. I always feel so cold. I do not want them to see my dead body. I want them to find out for themselves that I have died– not sleeping. I want to lay facing the down. I feel too ashamed to show myself. ,

The picture is taken place in my room. I love that blanket– everything else in the room can go too. Everything else doesn’t even belong to me. You know when there are moments you need to escape? Sleeping is a good way to escape because no one will bother you. You do not have to worry about anything. When you wake up, you feel like you’ve had amnesia because you forgot what happened last night.

I guess it is ironic, but I still feel like dying in your sleep is the most coward way and less peaceful way to die. Life is too precious to let go. I am going to hold onto mine tightly– gonna fight for every second I’ve got.

Week 9: Matthew Hayashida


What I love about this drawing is that it looks fun and simple. It isn’t so complex and there isn’t so much to say, yet you can say a lot of things about this drawing. Hayashida named this drawing “Heart of God”. An assumption I can come up about this drawing is that he was trying to portray what God’s heart should be like. He drew a mixture of things that I can’t even make up. I can see the wings though. Before I discuss that, I like to note how the guy is holding a box that opens to like a balloon hard– reminds me of a toy box. It is like opening a box of toys to see what is truly in the inside.

These mashed up mixture of things represents being open to new ideas. If you look at these things, there are a lot of things that do not relate with one another– they are all just disparate objects. No matter how different we all are, having a heart of god means to be pure and open up to all different things. The man is holding a heart– the heart does not appear big. The heart opens up like a box to a huge heart of numerous, disparate things. This is like volume versus surface area.

The idea of volume versus surface area is like our brain. Back then when we were more ape-like, our brain was much smaller, over time as we evolve, we learn new things so our brains becomes larger to hold all of those information. However, when our brain was nearly developed to contemporary brain size, scientists notice how the brain was getting smaller. We were learning much more, so why is that our brain is decreasing in size? It is because our brain is increasing in surface area, to make more space to hold up the information, rather than increasing in volume. The heart is like that.

The heart is small, but in the inside, it is like our brain. It holds up a lot of information and is still learning. God’s heart is like that. It opens up to learn new things. Like we should open up and learn to open up to new ideas like homosexuality.

Week 9: VBlog- “About Me”

I know this is a very short video. I do not feel comfortable looking in the camera and knowing that other people are watching this video. I feel more comfortable typing about it…So here it goes:

I am Chelien Nouchee Kue– pronounced like Chiii-Lynn New-Chiii Koo. I am majoring in Pre-Nursing for the sake of everyone I love. I am doing it for my parents, for my children, especially for me. I want to be a nurse to be financially secure, but I also love to help the people by actively doing something for them– so it’s a win win. What I want to dedicate my whole life to is focus on learning to create useful things. I want to learn how to make shoes, how to make clothes, and how to draw and paint. I would love to be a housewife and live doing my hobbies and taking care of my family– that is the dream. Even if I cannot achieve it, I will not feel any source of regret. Because, for sure, I will have the things I desire most– that is, a family to love and be loved. I know it may sound cheesy, but who cares about cheesiness when it is sincere and genuine.

Someday, I would really love to learn how to watercolor paint like this:

This watercolor painting is done by Agnes Cecile. I love some of her paintings because they are colorful and beautiful and meaningful. I believe every painting has a story– just like this one. This just looks so sad. I can create a lot of stories behind this painting– it is truly beautiful and sad.

contact info: chelienk@yahoo.com

Week 9: Savannah Cheung


Savannah Cheung is half chinese and thai. She is a Freshman and is currently undeclared. She says that she felt like there are many possibilities that she hasn’t known yet to decide on her major. However, she is interested in design. She was born in Rosemead, California. I thought I was having a hard time commuting to school because it takes me like 1 hour with traffic, but it takes her like 2 hours. But she dorms, so it doesn’t count XD.

On her free time, she goes out with friends and sometimes also with her family. I was curious what she does when she “goes out” because I sterotype the definition of “going out” as watching movies and shopping at the mall. I thought it was very cool that she plays laser tag with her friends because I have been wanting to try that out. When I was talking to her, she seemed like the quiet type, so I asked her if she’s the quiet type and she IMMEDIATELY says no– so I guess it is just to me Lol.

Savannah doesn’t have specific hobbies. She just does whatever and whenever she is in the mood. She seems so calm and she just goes with the flow. Oh, by the way, she has two brothers, one is younger and the other is older. I do not know how I feel about her… I don’t know… The concept of her seems pretty cool but maybe in context, she seems…I don’t know…I can’t really put a finger on it… She just really doesn’t care about stuff that I think she should care about…

I was curious what language she speaks since she is part chinese and part thai. However, she mainly speaks a little of “Jujao” which is a small country, part of China. She says she is more Chinese than Thai. I was curious because I have a little of chinese descent in me– I think…

There isn’t much to say about Savannah Cheung or get to know her…The thing is that when both people seems disinterested in one another…There’s not much motivation to want to get to talk or know eachother… Although I do not enjoy meeting new people everyday, I do not rush or try to run away asap. She kept looking down, then look at me, then look around– I felt that that was rude. I make snap judgements and I am not ashamed to say that because it is true. WEll!!! this is all I am going to say about this conversation!!!