Week 13: Anthony Diaz


Before I start discussing about my conversation with Anthony Diaz, I wanted to start off by saying that I’ve noticed that I usually choose people that are similar to me in some way. You’d expect college to be full of extroverts but I mostly choose those people that I think are introverts like me. So, I used to think that CSULB was full of introverts, but it’s just me, staying in my comfort zone– I think that’s pretty mind-blowing to me. XD

When I took a glance at Anthony Diaz, he looked like a freshman who is lazy, unmotivated in schooling, and a person that spends most of their time gaming alone in his room. I was partially right…alittle… he USED to be a gamer, but not as much anymore. He is actually a Junior, majoring in Computer Science. He wants to change his major in music. I asked him “why?” He said that what is most important is the quality, not the quantity, so :D. What I also realize that a lot of people are majoring in what they love, rather than for money. I hope that they will be happy with their decision.

I found it realllyyyy coooolll that he works at the library in Santa Monica. His job is managing 70 computers and assisting people.He waited a whol year for the job. Actually, he got the job, but because of budget cuts, they didn’t hire him until a year later. I would like to work at the library so that’s probably why I think it is pretty cool. I heard that it is difficult to get a job there too.

Ohh! What is also cool is that he is in a band. On his free time,he would play music with his band, draw, and write music. I actually saw his drawings, but I can’t upload pictures from my phone and my phone is the only device I have that can take pictures. That is why I always ask other classmates to take and send them to me. His art looks a lot like those in galleries– he uses geometric shapes like this: