Week 13: Anthony Diaz


Before I start discussing about my conversation with Anthony Diaz, I wanted to start off by saying that I’ve noticed that I usually choose people that are similar to me in some way. You’d expect college to be full of extroverts but I mostly choose those people that I think are introverts like me. So, I used to think that CSULB was full of introverts, but it’s just me, staying in my comfort zone– I think that’s pretty mind-blowing to me. XD

When I took a glance at Anthony Diaz, he looked like a freshman who is lazy, unmotivated in schooling, and a person that spends most of their time gaming alone in his room. I was partially right…alittle… he USED to be a gamer, but not as much anymore. He is actually a Junior, majoring in Computer Science. He wants to change his major in music. I asked him “why?” He said that what is most important is the quality, not the quantity, so :D. What I also realize that a lot of people are majoring in what they love, rather than for money. I hope that they will be happy with their decision.

I found it realllyyyy coooolll that he works at the library in Santa Monica. His job is managing 70 computers and assisting people.He waited a whol year for the job. Actually, he got the job, but because of budget cuts, they didn’t hire him until a year later. I would like to work at the library so that’s probably why I think it is pretty cool. I heard that it is difficult to get a job there too.

Ohh! What is also cool is that he is in a band. On his free time,he would play music with his band, draw, and write music. I actually saw his drawings, but I can’t upload pictures from my phone and my phone is the only device I have that can take pictures. That is why I always ask other classmates to take and send them to me. His art looks a lot like those in galleries– he uses geometric shapes like this:


Week 1: Dawn Ertl

"Sleet" by Dawn Ertl

“Sleet” by Dawn Ertl

“I explore the connections between human relationships, systems of production and how this effects our behavior in less familiar environments– Dawn Ertl”

I didn’t get a chance to have a nice conversation with Dawn Ertl but first thing I’d asK is about her artwork because I don’t really what she was going for. I’m guessing the sole purpose of her art is to show us ordinary materials that can be found in a local store and transform the materials into something different but identifiable. Just like the art piece above, we know it’s a piece of fabric, but she has untangle it, emphasizing the bold colors that are overlapping each other. At first glance, the deliverance of the message may seem like a maze, but the solution is staring right at us– the interconnecting lines represents different surroundings or cultures, coming together. As an individual, Dawn Ertl wants us to use our identity to express what we see of that art work, as identity comes from our nature and nuture.

What I am saying above is just an assumption– my perception of her art. Since I didn’t talk to her, I am all left with questions. I want to know what influenced her– judging from her art works, she seems to be interested in culture, surroundings, and psychology. I guess I am just making inferences, but art is truly subjective.

Week 1: Maegan Renae McBee

Maegan with her chosen masterpiece-- "7- from the Retreat Series" by Carla Jay Harris

Maegan with her chosen masterpiece– “Seven from the Retreat Series” by Carla Jay Harris

What an interesting way to spell a name! Cool, right? For starters, Maeghan is from Brontwood, CA., a sophmore majoring in Criminal Justice. She is totally living in the moment for majoring in Criminal Justice. I had the same mind set like her like I wanted to be a Forensic Anthropologist because of the television show “Bones” but that phase is gone now, so I applaud her for going after her dreams. She was influenced by the television show “CSI” so that was a plus that I can relate with her. Especially, I love how she wants to become a crime investigator for the excitement– not living a life of absurdity(I am referring to Existentialism for you philosophy/literature lovers). I feel kind of thankful that she was the first classmate I talked to because she has similar ideals like me. One of the reasons is that she believes in finding the truth; she wants justice. I feel the same way too, but I am all talk…sometimes. She is actually going for it, therefore deserving some well-respect(I rarely compliment anyone these days).

Maeghan suffers from depression. I didn’t ask her anything in regards to depression because it felt too personal. All I can say is that she seems too cheerful and bubbly to suffer such a hassle. Anyone suffering from depression and surpasses it are strong-hearted for not giving in. It is a MUST to get to know this woman!



I took a glimpse of the art piece she chose and I didn’t give it much thought until she described how that picture attracted her. She said that the picture was “simple yet meaningful.” Mang…I feel bad because she had such an interesting analysis and I can’t find the words to perfectly express what she meant. I guess we all should just stalk her blog >:D, seriously. Anyways, to save you some trouble, I am going to quote her “The words evoked when I began to analyze this piece were: innocence, longing, shadowed, tainted, lost, brainwashed. At first I believed this was a woman who was genuinely pure at heart, but was loosing that innocence because of the ideas put in her head. Then I switched to the idea that maybe the shadow standing above is her oppressor, maybe she is laying on that grass longing to be released from the shadow others have placed over her.” Her analysis proves to be true as I also stalked Carla Jay Harris.

Carla Jay Harris explores the American archetypes of others and dismissing those assumptions through photography. ALthough she seems to not enjoy moving around and the certain negative experiences she has encountered, without that lifestyle, she would not have found her passion. I love the resolution she came up. From all the traveling, it can be too difficult to be settled with yourself(get what I’m saying?) Basically, you can’t put different puzzles to create a picture, but her resolution was that as she was traveling, she would take pictures and throughout the time, there would be a connection between those puzzles, creating a bigger picture(I hope I said that right…). Anyways, get to know Carla Jay Harris too!


Week 1: Audrey Barcio


“Beautiful Nothings 1&2” by Audrey Barcio πŸ™‚

β€œMagic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.”
― Nora Roberts

For once in my life, I was beginning to judge my critique– nothing interested me in the slightest. When I walked across the room, the first thing I noticed was this masterpiece (no lies). But my first impression wasn’t “OMGOSH! This is the best thing ever!” — it was completely the opposite. I have never seen anything so futile as this, so basically I was interested in it because first, it looks interesting enough, and secondly, what is the artist’s back up for these meaningless objects? It is just basically a hollow, insignificant rock with fur pasted onto it.

Anyways, I take everything back I said! The reason is that when I was trying to take a picture of it, no matter the angle I was trying to go for, it looked stunningly beautiful. I was shocked at how beautiful it looked, so I read it’s name “Beautiful Nothings 1&2” which perfectly expresses the meaning of this masterpiece. The art just looked so magically mesmerizing. I fell in love with it. Glancing from a new angle, a mixture of warm feelings of sweet hollowness gently touched my emotions– for a moment, I truly understood that magic and reality was tangible, an everlasting heterogeneous mixture braided together tightly. For the first time in my life, this tested my never-dying eager for meaning in every single thing. Sometimes, meaningless stuff are just nothing but touchingly beautiful.

Why such beautiful nothings makes me feel a “sweet hollowness”? Take a glimpse for yourself. I can’t help but feel melancholy. Maybe it is because of how sad the colors are or maybe it is because the artist, Audrey Barcio, secluded these on a deserted white plain of oblivion!!! ( 😦 I have issues)– not to mention how these two “beautiful nothings” are separated from one another ;(. Gazing from the anterior view, all you can see is an ashy-brown bundle of fur that appears to look like two ordinary bunnies who unknowingly is separated by a glass wall with a feel of nakedness as there are no holes, no tall grass, or green bush to hide. They were created to be separated– the only point to their existence is to simply exist. Thus, explains it is best for them to stay side by side, despite its lonesome life, to remain forever as a dark, hollow rock, then risking the chance to lose one another in a abyss. Nonetheless, this is wondrously beautiful. This is why I seriously cannot help but feel this “sweet hollowness” rushing inside me.

Artist Statement by Audrey Barcio
“Influenced by magical powers and marriage of materials these forms tight rope between reality and deception. My practice gives abstract form to the incorporeal, generating new layers of significance though the intermingling of mystical forms. Seeded in ambiguity, the works investigate our relationship to magic and art.”

I would applaud his/her artwork. I wanted to share what he/she had to say about his/her “Beautiful Nothings” and I think he/she beautifully explained the essence of his/her work. I hoped you guys felt something too and if you guys have a different perception or feel about it, please share :D.