Week 13: Michelle Thompkins

photo-5Is it just me or this looks friggin creepy?? The drawing looks sooooo daaarrkkk…. When you look at this picture, ¬†your mind can’t help but create a story behind it… She looks like an innocent child, locked up in a cage by an old geezer. At first, I thought the perpendicular lines were floors, but if you look closely, you can see that it’s the shadow because the lines overlap on top of the star at the top left corner.

Reminds me a little of Matilda, how she is odd one in her family. That shadow of the old man could’ve been her kidnapper or something. I read the news on asiantown– probably unreliable but oh wells. Anyways, I would always see posts of pedophiles and sexual offenders. I feel heartbroken, knowing that this happens all around the world– little children even infants are being sexually molested and raped. I feel sick of myself for my mind to automatically picture this story. I feel scarred for reading these types of news such as animal abuse too. Humans can be so cruel that it is scary to even think about. Sometimes I wish I have superpowers so that I can help make this world a better place.

Usually people like my sister would shunned themselves from these REAL tragedies because it is very difficult and scary to know how these events can actually change you. These makes you feel cynical and you know that living and feel cynical about the world isn’t how life is supposed to be. Idealists are not delusional. There ideas are possible– what makes them nearly impossible is how our system is built to prevent those ideas. By the way, even myself is afraid of becoming a real scary person and hopeless.

What keeps me through reading or watching these types of news is not because it entertains me– I want to know because I feel that it is vital and highly important to know and understand that these events exist and that something has to be done about it. I want to know because I want to support the victims of abuse. By watching and reading these events, I understand and sympathize for them– I want them to know that they are important. I want them to know that I care for them and that they aren’t alone.

I admit I also suffer from reading these types of news. I feel depressed and even traumatized. However, this is nothing compared to what these victims feel.