Week 12: Cheyenne Ochoa


Cheyenne Ochoa seems like a sweet, adorable person. She is a Freshman, majoring in Film. We were talking about her background because I am really into sweet, loving relationships such as her father-daughter relationship. I am happy for her that she is going for what she loves to do. She talked to me about her father a lot which made me interested in also getting to know her father a little more too.

I feel like her inspiration was inspired from her father. Her father is an artist. He is currently going around schools and creating projects that is for transportation designs. She told me one story where her father’s bag of copic markers were stolen from his car so he had to buy a whole set again– copic markers are friggin expensive!!! Seriously, from all the things you could’ve stole, copic markers?!?! For sure, I’d steal them too but that’s because I have a mere passion for colors…

We also started talking about her name because I loved the name Cheyenne. I thought it was a beautiful name from one of my favorite tv shows back in the days called “Reba.” When I actually searched up the name, it wasn’t spelled the way it sounded. Cheyenne sounds like “Shy-Anne”. Btw, it is an Native American name XD

I recommended her to meet Melanie and Christine since they look like they could’ve been really great friends since one of them is majoring in Film too. They all seem like great people, so I thought it would be nice for them to have a conversation with one another. Apparently, she already met them, so… XD I don’t know how that went.

I really love how Cheyenne and her father’s relationship, how they are soo close with one another. She told me how he would let her use his art supplies and take her to art museums. I wish my dad could be a tiny bit like that– I would’ve been more enchanted in creative activities. Cheyenne seems such a bubbly person. I like her because she isn’t too perky, too talkative, too quiet, or too much of anything. She seems kind of neutral, but a good kind of neutral– I don’t know…can’t seem to find the words to describe her…