Week 11: Why I try NOT to judge the infamous Miley Cyrus?


I want to share my insights of Miley Cyrus– please, share your thoughts too! We all know that Miley Cyrus used to be one of the most famous teenage celebrities because of Hannah Montana. After her controversial revealing pictures, she became one of the most disliked celebrities. I will admit that even I felt disappointed. I liked her and I was disappointed that she was not the girl I thought she was. She did something very detestable and disgraceful. I simply just couldn’t understand why she would take such pictures. After this incident, no one gave her a second chance. There were no more scandals coming from her anymore ever since those moments– she kind of went silent.

Her seemed to reappear after she dated Liam Hemsworth. They dated for about 3 years as I recalled. Gosh, people even disliked her because she dated a friggin’ “hot” guy and that she didn’t “deserve” him. Seriously? Then Miley Cyrus started to change… And I feel that it is not for the fame– even if it was for the fame, it didn’t matter. She changed not for the better in society’s ideal of what is acceptable. We can’t help but shame her and dislike her because society has taught us that being provocative and being raunchy is disgraceful. Sometimes it is just in some people’s nature to be sexually explicit.

What I like about Miley Cyrus is that she acts like she doesn’t give a s***t about what people think of are. There have been celebrity nude photos being hacked such victims like Jennifer Lawrence. Who would hack Miley Cyrus? No one. Because she doesn’t care and she is constantly out there. She uses her body the way she wants to– she doesn’t let people control her body. Even though she is provocative, she is not unfaithful when she is in a serious relationship– 3 years with Liam Hemsworth.

I guess what I am saying is that I like how she got some bawls that I don’t have. It is unreasonable for people to dislike her because she is very provocative and raunchy. If no one likes her or judges her, then don’t give a shyt about her. Her fans aren’t the only ones giving her fame– it’s the haters too!!

I am not saying that she is the best person and that I am her fan and that I love her– NO. I am saying that I respect her for the way she is now, as long as she is happy. I am giving her a second chance, not for the way she was but for the way she is now. How many people who are really conservative can say they are happy with the way they are? Look at Marilyn Monroe– people love her! The only difference between Marilyn Monroe and Miley Cyrus is basically she is just Miley.