Week 12: Teach One– How to create an effective “No Candy” sign…


This was during Halloween and me and my sister wanted to create a “No Candy” sign because my parents are too poor to spend money on candy for random people. Anyways, we came up with this face because it had a serious but funny look (haha…)… XD I guess we were aiming for a grandpa look… I am not sure if it was effective, but heyyy, our apartment didn’t get egged this time. I feel pretty proud of myself and my sister– it was her idea.

So, this is how you do it:

1. Pick an old man as a reference (someone serious…).

2. Color in the eyes (like demon eyes) to make it even more serious-looking…


3. Draw more wrinkles to make it look even older…


4. Lastly, write “No Candy!!!”

WEll, that’s how we did it… but we used my dad’s face as reference XD