Week 11: Sara Elisa Kodesh


On Thursday, I met Sara Elisa Kodesh– interesting last name. She is half German and Guatemalan. She was born in Wisconsin but moved here in Long Beach. She is a junior at CSULB, majoring in Fashion Merchandising. At the moment, she works at a bakery (which is very interesting– how often do you meet someone who works at a bakery, not like McDonalds, you know). A cool thing about her working at the bakery is that her job is to sell wedding cakes– like in those romance movies when the wedding couple goes to try cake. Oh, and she has 1 little brother– her parents stopped :(. Her dad didn’t want any more.

We started talking about our parents for some odd reason. Her parents had a cute relationship. They didn’t know eachother for more than a year and they got married. They are still happily married and are still affectionate towards one another unlike some long lasting marriages that seemed to disintegrate. I didn’t really share my parents, I kind of shared my auntie and uncle’s love story instead– I forgot why.

Our conversation seemed kind of casual to me because our conversation wasn’t entirely based on asking each other questions. I was like congratulating her for being a junior because she was almost done with college and start her life– I want to start my life already!!! We started looking at art galleries together and discuss on some art. We didn’t really have the same ideals on art– I wouldn’t like the art piece that she liked.

I thought it was weird that she liked the drawing which was not the main object or the whole picture. She only liked the drawing because of the lamp in the background because it reminded her of mosaic– pretty weird and different. We were pretty much busy so after we chatted about the art galleries for a while, we parted ways which was funny because we went to the same direction which was the library. We kind of walked over there together– I mean, we were walking at the same pace but not talking to each other anymore.

Anyways, overall, she seems pretty nice. She is very short…VERY VERy short… I was talking to her when she was sitting down so when she stood up I was surprised….Very surprised….yup…