Week 12: Kiyomi Fukui

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Well, at first glance, it looks very appealing to the eye because it has an antique or vintage feeling. You can see stuff that are scattered on the table and glass battles on top of the table. I couldn’t really understand that meaning behind this, but it just looks beautiful that I want to set it at the corner of my room.

This story behind this art work was kind of sad and an experience I have experienced before in my childhood. Kiyomi Fukui’s roommate’s cat attacked a bird and brought it home– still alive btw. The bird was dying. Kiyomi didn’t know what else she can do and I felt the same way when I found a baby crow. It friggin sucks to know and feel that certain emotion when you aren’t able to help or save a living thing while wanting to and feeling sympathy at the same time. Well, anyways, I stood by its side. I created a nest for the bird by collecting straw-like materials bird usually collect to build nests. I collected them and put it in a shoe box. The baby crow died. What sucks was that I see little tiny insects crawling over the baby crow while it’s still alive but I didn’t do anything about it because I was hoped that it was helping the baby crow even though I had a slight idea that nope it wasn’t helping– it was killing it. I was a kid you know…and it reminded me of a scene in Mothra when these little dots were helping Mothra– stupid wishful thinking.

Anyways, the only thing we could have done was stay by its side and be the only person to accompany the birds last few seconds of life. Even though I understood the feeling and the experience, it is extremely ironic that I can’t still understand how the art work represents this experience– do you get me? Is it suppose to show the transition between life and death? I can’t see it…

It is difficult to write a meaningful explanation of something you can’t see…